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As a doula, Kimberly is honored to be a part of the most intimate and wonderful event in your life. Birth is a time to be treasured, gentle and relaxed. See what her clients are saying about her.

Campbell CA
1st time mom

We can’t thank Kim enough for being part of our birth experience!  It wouldn’t have been as satisfying and stress-free without her.


I first met Kim at a baby event when she was speaking about baby sleep, and knew she would be someone I would be interested in working with.  When I found out later that she also offered doula services, we jumped at the opportunity.  My husband and I had originally planned not to hire a doula and he was preparing to be my birth coach.  After the fact, we both agree that we have no idea how we would have made it through the birth so successfully without Kim!


We met with Kim a couple times prior to the birth.  This was great to build our relationship and also to get better prepared.  Knowing my husband was planning to be highly involved in supporting me, Kim worked to help educate him and ensure that she would be at the birth to support both of us – but not to “replace” him.  She also brought some interesting exercises for me, which truly did help me prepare for the physical aspect of labor.  We learned what coping methods worked best for me – and she was able to apply that knowledge when I was actually in labor (vs having to experiment in the moment).


I planned on a natural birth at our local hospital, working with a pair of wonderful midwives.  At 40 weeks 3 days, I was told that I would have to be induced the next morning (due to low amniotic fluid levels).  Kim met us early the next day at the hospital, and stayed with us all the way until our baby arrived and we were settled in our post-partum room.  With the exception of a low dose of Pitocin to jump-start labor, I succeed in having the natural, un-medicated birth I aimed for.


Throughout labor, Kim was a huge asset in guiding my husband and me through the various stages.  My labor went very quickly, so we were so thankful to have someone who could agilely adapt as my contractions progressed and changed.  If it had just been my husband and I, we would not have been able to adjust quick enough – which I know would have made labor much more difficult, let alone causing stress in our relationship. 


Besides her support for us, Kim was also a huge asset in negotiating the hospital environment.  Her experience as an RN is truly valuable – and something most doulas can’t offer!  From the very beginning, Kim earned the respect of the nurses and our midwife.  We never had any issues between the hospital staff and our doula (which some of our friends struggled with during their births).  Kim and the nurses communicated well, and Kim was able to help us better understand what was happening around us.  While her role was not as a nurse, it was still fabulous to have someone who could guide us with the medical sense she provides.  Thankfully, we did not run into any complications during labor or delivery, but if we had, I know Kim would have been a huge benefit in helping us navigate the challenges and questions we might have faced.  Additionally, our midwife was very impressed with Kim and asked after-the-fact for her name, so she could refer future patients in Kim’s direction!


Once our baby was born, Kim was very helpful in guiding us through establishing good breastfeeding and understanding the “next steps”.   She offered a few great tips early on for soothing our daughter, which worked instantly – and still work (our daughter is now 2 months old)!  Kim accompanied us to the post-partum room and helped us get settled.  We enjoyed her company – never pushy or intrusive, but readily available and happy to help.  She stayed until we felt comfortable being “on our own.”


Since the delivery, we have met with Kim a couple times for our post-partum sessions.  She suggested a variety of options for what we would discuss during these meetings, so we could choose what we most wanted help with.  Beyond just general “check ins”, we were very concerned (even pre-delivery) with setting our daughter up for success with sleeping.  Having had friends experience major issues with newborn sleeping, we asked Kim to help us set up a logical plan for our Little One.  Kim’s experience as a newborn sleep consultant comes in especially handy in this regard.  From Day 1 in the hospital, we were following Kim’s suggestions for healthy sleep with our daughter.  Two months in, she continues to be an excellent sleeper – both naps in her crib during the day and long-stretches at night.


I highly recommend Kim!  We had a wonderful birthing experience – much in part to her support.  Kim is a friendly, loving person who is easy to get along with.  She was the caring person I needed, and also worked well with my husband (who is an engineer and appreciates someone “matter of fact” who can back up suggestions with data and listens carefully to understand).  We appreciate that even two months later, Kim continues to be someone we can reach out to for help and support – and know she genuinely cares about our family’s success.




San Jose CA

1st time mom

We highly recomend Kimberly as your Doula. I can not picture what my birthing experience would of been like without Kimberly. She was vital to making my vaginal birth successful. It was important to me to have a vaginal delivery unless C-section was medically needed. Our pre-labor meetings enabled us to be better educated for the labor and delivery process, so that we were better prepared than experiencing this on our own. Kimberly has a calming and reasurring effect that I needed throughout labor and delivery. She has amazing comfort techniques that is highly needed during active labor. During active delivery she was motivational and provided advise to move labor along. In addition, for post delivery, we asked Kimberly to stay engaged for postpartum and newborn care in the first few weeks. She was essential in guiding and supporting us through new experience as we were first time parents.

1st time dad
Pacifica CA

Kim was with us for nearly a week for our tough delivery that ended with a C-section. She knew exactly how to help soothe my wife from her pain, acted as an advocate for patient rights, and helped us tirelessly day and night. She visited with us before, during, and after the delivery, providing techniques that ranged from meditation to exercise. I was most impressed with her dedication to the cause, staying with us overnight, and all day long. Kim is a bargain at any price, and I can't imagine how we could have done it without her. Her best quality is simply her presence. She provided me, the husband, with much needed relief during the stressful days leading up to the delivery and helped us make important decisions, yet knew when to step back and allow me to make the right decisions for the health of my wife and baby. I give Kimberly my highest rating.

It was my and my husband's good fortune that we were able to connect with Kim. What I really liked about her was that she is a very good listener, does not impose her ideas on you, and is your most loyal cheer leader!! I feel these are all qualities that one looks for during labor. I had a few surprises during my labor and it was Kim's encouraging words that kept me positive and I had a natural delivery. 


At one point during my pregnancy I felt very overwhelmed about the upcoming challenge of labor and I give all the credit to Kim for helping me out of it towards a very happy state of mind. 


Thanks Kim! My husband and I recommend her to everyone who is looking to feel confident about their child birth experience. 

1st time mom
Santa Clara CA

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